We had a lot of different vehicles on base. They were all in operation in the summer but come winter, most of the big vehicles were put into storage as we didn't need them. Sno Cats & D4s were rotated back to the UK for major maintenance, but the base mechanic could handle almost any damage that we could inflict upon them.

Sno Cats, Bull Dozers, Mobile cranes and the base generators were all converted to run on aviation fuel. This was necessary because normal fuels freeze in the low temperatures on base. It also makes re supply simple as they only had to order lots of one type of fuel. Needless to say, the fuel could also be used for any aircraft that came our way too.

I have split the vehicles out into sections, click the links above to find out more about each type of vehicle.

Halley V Vehicles
Halley V Vehicles

Here's a shot of most of the vehicles we had on base. There were many more Ski-Doos, but this is all the big things. The Ski-Doo on the right has a red cross on the front and was for the exclusive use of the base doctor. Everyone else had to fight for a Ski-Doo when they were in great demand. Dirty tactics were sometimes employed, so it was best not to turn your back on a Ski-Doo in the summer as it would often vanish.