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Press Articles

I have come across a few articles about Halley and now that I have gained more disk space for my website I thought I'd add them in. Since many of the files are big, you might be better off if you right click & choose to "Save as.." to your PC.

Civil Engineering November 2003 An article on the challenges of building a base at Halley
Cover Page (152kb)
Page 1 (167kb)
Page 2 (220kb)
Page 3 (255kb)
Page 4 (250kb)
Page 5 (222kb)
Page 6 (253kb)
Page 7 (297kb)
Halley VI There is a competition underway ( in 2005) to design the next Halley station.

The brief from BAS:

BAS Q&A on the matter:

Here are some JPEGs of the entrants' proposals:
Buro Happold Ltd board02 (891kb)
Faber Maunsell Ltd board01 (777kb)
Faber Maunsell board02 (919kb)
Francis Design Ltd board01 (904kb)
Francis Design board02 (785kb)
Hopkins Architects Ltd board01 (1,018kb)
Hopkins Architects board02 (794kb)
Make Places Ltd board01 (1,115kb)
Make Places board02 (1,032kb)
Richard Rogers Partnership board01 (898kb)
Richard Rogers Partnership board02 (907kb)

Halley V - BAS Leaflet Halley_res_stn.pdf (2,956kb)
New Civil Engineer An article on the Halley VI competition
Cover Page (57kb)
Page 1 (280kb)
Page 2 (275kb)

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