The nodwell crane was our heavy lifter. I don't seem to have many pictures of it, but I really enjoyed using it. We had two on base, but they were really summer time vehicles as they could only be used down to about -30. I was told that they are basically modified tanks (though I don't know which tank) so when driving you sit in a big cab with two levers in front of you instead of a steering wheel. The leavers operate the brakes on each track so you steer it by braking the track on the side you want to steer towards. The big long tracks enabled the nodwell to ride over the surface bumps with ease, so in open areas it could zoom around surprisingly fast. Since the drivers seat is right at the front of the vehicle it felt like a roller coaster as you bounced up and down.

A Nodwell crane at Halley, Antarctica
A Nodwell crane at Halley

This photo was taken during a rescue mission to return some lost adelie penguins to the coast (they're in the box on the sledge).