Living at Halley V 1993-1996

I spent two winters at Halley V Scientific Research Station in Antarctica in the employ of the British Antarctic Survey. On this site I give a small taster of what it was like to be sent to the far end of nowhere for two years.

Halley Badge

The majority of the content on this website was created in 2004 but I update this site from time to time and have just revamped it to fit nicely on to the screens of the various marvellous electronic devices available these days.

A further revamp is on the cards as I am just completing a massive tome of a memoir, which is so big it would be uneconomical to publish it. The process of writing that, however, has caused me to review my daily diary and to scan every photograph that I took (circa 7,000).

Hope you enjoy it, Graeme Hart, Halley Met 1993-1996.

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