Welcome to my website.

There isn't much about cider here, I just like cider. I am considering a cider site at some point in the future. In the mean time I have provided links to a couple of my websites.

Halley, AntarcticaEmporer Penguin at Halley Research Station, Antarctica

My Antarctic website details my stay at Halley Research Station on the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. I spent 2 Antarctic Winters there working as a Physicist/Meteorologist/Electronic Engineer for the British Antarctic Survey.

I add pages from time to time so it's worth returning if you find it of interest.



The Berkhamsted Hockey Club logo

I have also created a website for my Hockey club - Berkhamsted & Hemel Hempstead Hockey Club. Since it's a bit of a mouthful, the club is usually referred to as Berko Hockey Club instead.

I like to think that this site is continually evolving so content should be changing quite frequently.


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