Welcome to ILikeCider

There isn't much about cider here, I just like cider. This site is actually ended up as a place to put some information about Halley, Antarctica, as you will see if you investigate the link below.

My Antarctic website details my stay at Halley Research Station on the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. I spent 2 Antarctic Winters there working as a Physicist/Meteorologist/Electronic Engineer for the British Antarctic Survey.

I add pages from time to time so it's worth returning if you find it of interest.

STOP PRESS: Coming soon, maybe, a detailed book of the experience including an almost verbatim transcript of my daily diary. It's taking a while, but I am nearing the end.

STOP PRESS, quite literally: Three years later the book is almost finished but it is so comprehensive it would cost a fortune to publish (450 A4 pages, 300+ photos), so only my family will get to read it and see the pictures. It could well provide some great source material to revamp the content on the website, however.